An API based content management platform

With the power and simplicity of Google sheets, Air Table, Notion and many more popular apps

A tool that will ease your development and empower content team.

Compose, Connect and Integrate

De-couple Tech and content

A Cloud-based content database right into the hands of your marketing team to improve marketing efforts and freedom for your development teams in choosing their preferred tech stack.

Build web or mobile app pages overnight with No DB

Ask developers to integrate APIs to fetch data directly from the actual source(sheet, notion, etc) without creating any database for both static and dynamic content.

Real-time content alterations

Any changes made to the content are reflected instantly on your website or app, with no dependencies on the development team.

Benefits of using a Headless CMS or content manager

Zero learning curve

Build with the tools everyone in your team is familiar with, so the learning curve remains negligible to zero.

AB Test by Frequently changing content without deployment

Determine what content is working, what isn't. Measure how different elements like headings and content type affect the traffic or user behavior.

Revision History

Go back in date in just one click with an option to revert or compare versions.

Lightning fast speed

It doesn’t matter how great your website is — if it doesn’t load fast enough, users will leave before they even see it.

Multiple Environments

Make mistakes but let them be in-house, create multiple environment and improve your site reliability

Microservice Architecture

A cloud-native architecture built only to manage your content, gives you more scalability options and independence over the traditional CMS.

What can I do with ContentBase?

Query and publish any data on a web page from google sheets, notion doc, or Airtable with simple API calls.
ContentBase is a headless CMS which works as a database between your existing data tools and webportal with the help of APIs

Populate website content from your sheets by simple API integration.

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Manage and display changelogs on your website or portal directly from your google sheet or notion docs

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Connect your blog pages or FAQ docs with notion or google sheet to populate data and run search with the API call

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Create pricing page and calculators directly linked with your google sheet.Run queries using APIs to fetch specific data

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What is Headless CMS?

Headless CMS is an API based CMS without a frontent which lets you create, manage and distribute content to any or multiple platform from the single content source with the simple API call without an actual DB

Is ContentBase a website creation tool?

We provide you with an infrastructure to manage your content in a single repository which works like a DB for your website. If you are building a website you can use ContentBase to manage its content.

What is the difference between a headless CMS and a traditional CMS?

Traditional CMS offers pre-existing content models which narrows down the possibilities and are tighthtly coupled to one presentation layer. On the other hand, ContentBase is independent of any presentation layer and can be used with multiple presentation layers at the same time.

Can I use headless CMS without writing any code?

Yes, you can create and manage your content without writing code. But building websites, apps and other experiences will require actual programming.

How do I get my content published on an app or website?

It is a three step process:
a. Compose your content in a google spreadsheet, airtable, notion, etc
b. Connect your content source with ContentBase
c. Integrate the API with your website or mobile app to publish your content.

Getting started is easy

Connect your Google sheet, Airtable or notion docs within minutes and deploy in a jiffy with zero learning curve.