Bring your business logics on a serverless platform

Connect EBL to your code and let more people contribute in writing workflows and automations.

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What can I
do with EBL?

Webhook endpoint

EBL can be best used as other part of webhook. EBL gives you unique endpoint to receive your webhook data at serverless platform instead of writing code and managing your own server, with good analytics.

Build custom API or endpoint instantly

If your vendor, client or partner need a custom API, do not wait for weeks to get it ready.

Signup data to CRM

If your vendor, client or partner need a custom API, do not wait for weeks to get it ready.

Send some of typeform submissions to slack

Send alert at slack if the client is premium (by finding the client's alexa rank), so that you can involve an expert.

Notification to internal team or to customers

Instead of directly adding any SMS/email or push notification API in your code or workflow, use EBL.

API integration

It should not take much time to integrate an API, its not your core business logics.



When some “Fills a Form”

Create workflows with conditional operations and multiples apps

No automation is difficult with EBL.Add multiple conditions like IF, LOOP,DELAY and RESPONSE dependant triggers to fine tune seemingly difficult workflows



Add them to “Lead Campaign”



Wait for 4 days



Check the email open rate in Mailchimp



If Mail received.”Create a Contact”

All you need to build
your business logics

Products that our developers built to solve internal problems

Modify data

Modify parameters with javascript or php, write the code if you are pro


Debug and monitor what's happening with your function, webhook, flows or specific API.

Ready made functions

Forward to ready made functions from our marketplace or create your own easily.


Multiple oAuth - Google, facebook, linkedin, twitter and 10+ are supported so that you can use their APIs quickly.

Universal Search

You can search any variable value which you remember to track exact flow/api or particular log to see what happened that time.

Global variable

Define project wise global variables for your authentication keys or variables which are dynamic in nature or should be kept secured.

Multiple sources
  • Webhook
  • API (for your code)
  • Form
  • Scheduler (Run automatically at defined frequencies)
Built for citizen developers

So that it becomes easy to use and powerful to customize.

1000s of Apps to integrate