IP Security

What do you mean by IP Security or Trigger flow from a specific IP address?

It is an additional security feature apart from the spam filter and the auth key functions provided for your accounts. IP Security is an option that allows you to send your data only through whitelisted IPs or you can even block any specific IP address. Anything received from the IP that you have whitelisted will be processed but requests received from an unknown IP address or a blacklisted IP will get rejected. 

The default setting for this feature is disabled for any endpoint that you might create but you can always enable it for any of the endpoints that might need an additional security check. 

Steps to enable IP security:

1. Open the data source page for the project under which you wish to enable IP security for any created endpoint.

2. Click on the three dots given on the right-hand side of the endpoint name for which you wish to enable IP security.

3. Select “Security” from the dropdown menu.

4. Now from the Security pop enable “Trigger flow from specific IP” by clicking the toggle button.

5. Once you enable this feature, it will ask you to enter the IP Address which wish to whitelist(to allow invocations) or even blacklist(to disable invocations).

6. Once you have entered the details, click “Save Settings”, and Voila! Your endpoint is now secure from the outer world. 

For any help, drop an email to support@viasocket.com