Feature request management tool for SaaS companies

Collect and manage feature requests to ship products that’s optimised for customer value

Email reports

Customise board



What can I do with Feedio?

Democratise releases

Keep voice of customer at the heart of product releases

Centralise Requests

Give clients & internal team a place to request features

Get Insights

Understand what users want, and why they want it

Update Transparently

Keep users in loop about what happened to their requests

Engage Users

Stay with users during the complete feedback loop

Improve Backlogs

Keep your product backlog full with relevant requests

Users generate lot of crazy ideas for your product

Give them a way to share and discuss these

Convert product ideas into product insights

Segment the most impactful ideas by analysing the customer engagement on requested features. Save time by building what creates value.

Keep everyone engaged with product updates

Notify internal teams and customers as soon as you ship a feature. Get the product adoption rolling!

Make better product decisions

Get your dedicated product board now.