A must-have API tool for your teams

To Document, Test, and Publish while collaborating for faster results




Increase API Adoption

Help users and your team discover, learn, and integrate APIs quickly by creating public/internal
documentation, tutorials, and code samples that are always up to date.

Why Hitman?

Collaborate with ease

Hitman is easy to use for everyone from your developers to your writers. Your and team members can document and test APIs on the same platform with ease.

Public and Internal API Documentation

Create Internal API documentation so your team is always in sync with the updates and host a public doc from the same to allow your users to consume the APIs built for them.

Test APIs with Confidence

Improve API Test Coverage, Productivity, and Debugging Speed to Increase Developer Confidence

Maintain Multiple Documentation Versions

Incrementally build on top of existing API documentation, or maintain documentation for multiple versions of your API with Hitman versioning system.

Auto Generated Sample Codes

Let us do the heavy lifting for you by providing sample code in every popular language like Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and many more.

Work Smarter Through Collaboration

Nothing slows down development cycles like a lack of communication. Hitman was designed to foster API collaboration and standardization across multiple teams. By leveraging Hitman as your single source of truth for API definitions, you can deliver high-quality APIs to market faster.

Looking For An Awesome
API Documentation?