Complete API development journey.

From ideation to publish an API document

API design


API testing



Why Hitman?


Simulate the API even before you have an actual API built. Create dummy APIs with the basic idea of how it should work, collect feedback and iterate faster.

Still sharing your APIs in a doc file or sheet?

Hitman provides a shared environment for building and consuming APIs, with cloud storage and real-time version control. So everyone remains up to date with all that you have already built.

API Testing

Reveal bugs, inconsistencies or deviations from the expected behavior

Publish beautiful API docs for your users

People Love:
– Dynamic Code Snippets
– Custom Domain
– Theme builder

Automate your tests and rest assured that your APIs are up and running

Run automated tests Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly or every Minute

Automate your tests with your deployment and run tests without any manual efforts everytime you deploy changes on production.


Is Hitman a free tool?

Yes, Hitman is a free, API testing and API documentation tool for teams of all sizes.

What is an API tool?

A tool that helps accelerate your API Lifecycle – from design, testing, documentation, and mocking to discover.

How do I publish API documentation on my domain?

This is simple, all you need to do is point the “cname” record of your subdomain to the web address shared in your account, that’s it.

How does an API Repository help?

You can easily store, iterate and collaborate around all your API endpoints on a single platform used across teams.

What is API Testing?

Software testing aiming to test APIs in order to determine whether the built APIs, meet expectations when it comes to the functionality, performance, reliability, and security of your application.

What is comprehensive API testing and how it helps?

Creating customizable functional test flows that provide deep validation is terms as comprehensive API testing. This enables developers to access the app without a UI, helping the tester identify errors earlier in the development lifecycle, rather than waiting for them to become bigger issues.