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What People Love about Hitman

Easy to Set Up

No build steps. Get started in minutes. Built on web components, it’s as easy as adding a tag within your project, and can be used with any framework.

Delightful UX

Help developers find and consume APIs faster with a customizable left navigation and three-column layout.


We provide you with concierge-like feature where the main focus is to make sure everything that goes live is correct and upto your brand standards.

Increase API Adoption

Help users discover, learn, and integrate with your API quickly by publishing interactive documentation, tutorials, and code samples that are always up to date.

Interactive API documentation

Let users try out your APIs directly from your API documentation and increase adoption rate

Auto Generated Sample Codes

Let us do the heavy lifting for you by providing sample code in every popular language like Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and many more.

Your Brand on Your Domain

Customise your public API doc to represent your brand. Transfer the UI in your brand color, add buttons and backlinks to allow easy navigation.

Maintain Multiple Documentation Versions

Incrementally build on top of existing API documentation, or maintain documentation for multiple versions of your API with Hitman versioning system.

Work Smarter Through Collaboration

Nothing slows down development cycles like a lack of communication. Hitman was designed to foster API collaboration and standardization across multiple teams. By leveraging Hitman as your single source of truth for API definitions, you can deliver high-quality APIs to market faster.

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Is Hitman a free tool?

Yes, Hitman is a free, API testing and API documentation tool for teams of all sizes.

What is an API tool?

A tool that helps accelerate your API Lifecycle – from design, testing, documentation, and mocking to discover.

How do I publish API documentation on my domain?

This is simple, all you need to do is point the “cname” record of your subdomain to the web address shared in your account, that’s it.

How does an API Repository help?

You can easily store, iterate and collaborate around all your API endpoints on a single platform used across teams.

What is API Testing?

Software testing aiming to test APIs in order to determine whether the built APIs, meet expectations when it comes to the functionality, performance, reliability, and security of your application.

What is comprehensive API testing and how it helps?

Creating customizable functional test flows that provide deep validation is terms as comprehensive API testing. This enables developers to access the app without a UI, helping the tester identify errors earlier in the development lifecycle, rather than waiting for them to become bigger issues.

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