Hitman v/s Postman

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Comparison based on Request Features

Feature Hitman Postman
Automatic saving of requests in History Yes yes
Generate code snippets to send requests from another application Yes yes
Leave feedback in the comments Yes yes
Save requests to a collection Yes yes
Add descriptions and notes Yes yes
Support for multiple authorization protocols Yes yes
Send multipart/form-data, url encoded, raw data in request body Yes yes
Manage cookies associated with various domains Yes yes
Create, send and save requests Yes yes
Write pre-request scripts to execute before the request Yes yes
Write test scripts to execute after the request Yes yes
Create and store GraphQL schemas No yes
API Mocking Yes yes

Comparison based on Response Features

Name Hitman Postman
Comparison based on Response Features Yes yes
Comparison based on Response Features Yes yes
View cookies returned by server or by Interceptor Yes yes
Save response as an example Yes yes
Save response to a collection or folder Yes yes
Automatic syntax highlighting in prettified response body No yes

Automatic syntax highlighting in prettified response body

Features Hitman Postman
Built-in support for variables Yes yes
Create and set variables at multiple scopes Yes yes
Use scripts to send requests Yes yes
Write test suites in JavaScript Yes yes
Pick variable from API response using tests. Yes yes
Session variables keep sensitive information local to your machine No yes

Comparison on Collections and Collaborations Features

Features Hitman Postman
Create unlimited shared collections Yes yes
Create private collections Yes yes
Shared collections, environments Yes yes
Set Admin and Collaborator roles Yes yes
Invite teammates to workspace to collaborate Yes yes
Organize and keep track of related requests Yes yes
Trigger collection in Collection Runner Comming Soon yes
Get notified when you’re invited to a workspace or tagged in a comment No yes
Create fork and merge changes No yes

Comparison on Monitoring Features

Features Hitman Postman
Get notified of collection trigger failures Comming Soon yes
Schedule custom collection trigger Comming Soon yes
View response time for collection Yes yes
View monitor usage details Yes yes
View response time for individual requests Yes yes
Run a monitor via a Static IP No yes

Comparison on Documentation Features

Features Hitman Postman
Create public documentation Comming Soon yes
Preview docs before publishing Comming Soon yes
Version documentation with version tags Yes yes
Publish to a custom domain Yes yes
Publish with custom logo, team name, favicon, and styles Yes yes
Ready-made sample code for API requests in multiple languages. Yes yes
Embed 'Run in APP' button with documentation No yes

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