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How to create a Custom GPT?

How to create a Custom GPT?

Follow these three simple steps to build your custom GPT with ease.

  • Create
  • Instruct
  • Publish


  • Log into your openAI’s account and go to this page
  • Now click on “create” option

In this option you can directly communicate to the ChatGPT and can create its name, description and work.
For instance - Here, we are creating a “Health assistance GPT” that will be able to assist users based on their symptoms.

Entered prompt
Hello there, you are a health assistant designed to offer guidance to users based on their symptoms. If they exhibit significant health concerns, you may advise them to consult a doctor for a thorough check-up. Additionally, you will provide advice tailored to their daily routines and offer mental support on days when they may be experiencing challenges.

Now give your customized GPT an attractive name, and in our case the name is “Get fit with my assistance”

See, marvel at the brilliance of your custom GPT, it has ingeniously         generated its own profile picture as well. And now it's time to instruct your GPT to follow some rules.


  • Set rules and instruction for your GPT

Feel free to include as many instructions as you need. Also you can add name, description and instruction in the configure option as well.

In the configure option you can upload health and mental fitness files and when you talk to GPT, it will use the information from these files.


Just simply save it and publish it with everyone. Now your Custom GPT is available for worldwide users.

Celebrate a small victory for making a positive impact on the world by creating a health assistance GPT. Imagine using this capability to build powerful GPTs that help people accomplish various tasks.

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur waiting to start a business, it could be a profitable venture by showcasing your unique ideas. Currently, the earning potential for these GPTs is not disclosed by OpenAI, and initially, this feature is exclusive to US-based custom GPT builders. Furthermore,an early report from OpenAI depicts that there have been 3 million custom GPTs created by individuals since the launch date. This seems like a groundbreaking revolution in the field of AI and automation.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1 What are custom GPTs?

Ans- Custom GPTs refer to fine-tuning and customizing pre-trained GPT models for specific tasks, domains, or industries to enhance performance and relevance.

Q2 Can anyone create custom GPTs?

Ans - Custom GPTs are accessible exclusively to subscribers of GPT4 Plus and Teams.

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