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How viaSocket is going to help you with your business?

How viaSocket is going to help you with your business?

viaSocket helps you integrate multiple platforms in one place, that ultimately helps you in expanding your business. By using its built-in AI feature one can integrate any API with their business websites. Whether you own a small business with four members or a huge organization, it will help you in increasing sales, marketing, and many more. Here are some ways by which viaSocket can help you manage your business easily.

Make Email Marketing Easy with viaSocket

One can use viaSocket to send welcome emails, onboarding emails as well as weekly follow-ups, and many more. Even one can integrate chatGPT as well that can read the emails with specific keywords and draft a mail according to that.

Trim Down the Chaos of Your Social Media Posting

Why spend time uploading the same post on your social media handle, when you can do this task in just one click? With viaSocket, one can integrate multiple social media platforms and can update each social media profile in one go.

Streamline Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

By using viaSocket one can simplify the process of managing and updating CRM with customer’s data. One can integrate their business website with their CRM for instantly updating customer’s invoices, portals, addresses, and many more.

Improve the Flow of E-commerce Order Processing

Why hustle in manually sending messages like out for delivery, delivered, or shipped when you can do this task in just a fraction of second? From updating inventory to shipping confirmation there are numerous automation that one can perform using viaSocket.

Hassle-free Employee Onboarding Process

If you have viaSocket in your organization then there is no need for manual tasks like sending emails, account creation, and assigning training modules to the new employees.

Elevate the Ease of Lead Generation

One can get the leads of multiple sources in one place by integrating them on viaSocket. Based on the specific criteria of interests, multiple teams can approach those leads.

Ultimately viaSocket is the best place that will help you to improve your business as well as management within the organization. Its inbuilt artificial intelligence lets you create workflow with minimum effort. In a nutshell, viaSocket is a platform that will reduce the manual work which ultimately reduces the labor cost.

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