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viaSocket vs Make

viaSocket vs Make

1. viaSocket provides a feature to create no code - interface builder while does not allow any feature of creating interface
With the help of viaSocket’s interface builder one can create chatbot, form and many more that can be integrated in any flow.
This feature gives you the flexibility of managing data and integration at one place. You can simply get the form responses within the viaSocket and then you can use that data to send on any application you want. On the other hand, Make does not give any functionality like this.

2. You can write your own custom code in viaSocket on the other hand, Make doesn't allow you to write custom javascript code.
viaSocket provides a highly advanced feature of writing your own custom code in javascript by which you can give your complex condition in workflows. By this feature a user has the capability of creating any kind of complicated workflow.

3. Access to all applications available on viaSocket while Make gives access to premium applications on Core plans.
You will get access to all applications that are available on viaSocket. There is no restriction in using applications on viaSocket while on Make you are restricted to use applications as per your plan. If you have a premium account only then you can access the premium apps available on Make.

4. viaSocket counts 30 second flow execution time as one invocation, on the contrary Make counts per API call as one operation.
Every step that runs on make is counted as an operation.
For example
You want to save leads in freshdesk every time someone fills out a typeform form on your site. Then the operation will be counted as two. And suppose if you’re getting 90 leads in a day, then it will be counted as 90*2= 180 operations.  On the other hand, viaSocket counts 30 second flow execution as 1 invocation. The same workflow discussed above will be counted as 90 invocations in viaSocket which is way more affordable than Make.

5. 10,000 free invocations in viaSocket vs only 1000 free operations in Make
viaSocket gives you 10,000 invocations for free while on the other hand Make gives 1000 free operations. This 1000 operations in Make will get used in various steps including triggers, actions and internal steps as make counts operations in internal steps as well.
But 10,000 invocations at viaSocket gives you the flexibility to run as many workflows you want.

6. Get 20k invocations in just 25$ at viaSocket and 20k operation in 29$ at Make in an individual plan
With viaSocket you will get 20,000 invocations in an individual plan at 25$. Contrarily on Make, you will get the 20,000 operations in an individual Pro plan at 29$. Well it has the minor difference in price but huge difference is services as you will get the access of premium apps in Make in premium plan. But in viaSocket you are getting all available apps in a free plan as well.

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