Drag and Drop

Let say you have created a flow but you want to rearrange your step. Well, no worries, just click on the left side of your step, four dot will appear, hold it and just drag and drop it where you want to place it. 

Just make the flow live and your sequence of flow execution steps get changed. Below you can see the drag button. So Just hold that drag button and drag you step in the flow wherever you want. 

In viaSocket, rearranging steps within your workflow offers several benefits:

1. With a simple click and drag, users can effortlessly adjust the sequence of steps in their workflow.

2. The ability to rearrange steps provides users with the flexibility to customize their workflow according to their specific requirements.

3. Users can quickly modify their workflow without the need for complex technical knowledge or extensive training.

4. Changes made to the workflow sequence are instantly reflected, allowing users to see the impact of their adjustments in real time.

5. By easily rearranging steps, users can optimize their workflow for efficiency, ensuring tasks are executed in the most logical order.

6. The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality promotes collaboration among team members, enabling them to easily communicate and coordinate changes to the workflow.