I connect multiple software in a plug & play way.


And you? You techie or non-techie?

Use me in Forms, IoT, App development, Webhooks or API Integrations

Techie, eh?

Well, geeko! You won’t edit your codes again & again. I am here!

  • I'll give you a unique URL
  • Post data to it
  • See it on my UI
  • Pick desired data to take action. I'll call them variables!
  • Plug API & forward these variable to it
  • Your flow is ready. Invoke!
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Build big Business, not big Software!

Non-techie, is it!

I am here to reduce your developer dependency for tasks that change oh-so-often. And for the one’s which needs a little-more-automation. ;)

See, I can send SMS, emails, make entries in Slack, Trello, Google Sheet, Salesforce, Asana, QuickBooks, Pipedrive, Dropbox, Freshbooks, Hubspot, set triggers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, Twitter, Intercom...

But to do all this, I need information.

Send it via Forms, Email, Webhooks or your Custom Software

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Build big Business, not big Software!