viaSocket vs Zapier

Creating Path and Route WorkflowsIncluded in all plans, $25 for 20k invocationsProfessional plan required, $73.50 for 2k tasks
Ask AI FeatureAvailableNot available
Custom JavaScript FunctionsAvailableStill in beta mode
Access to ApplicationsAccess to all applications on all plansAccess to premium applications on premium plans
Invocation/Operation CountingCounts 30-second flow execution as one invocationCounts per API call as one task
Free Tier Offering10,000 invocations for free100 free tasks
Pricing for 20k Usage (Individual Plan)$25 for 20,000 invocationsNot available (Professional plan at $73.50)
Pricing Comparison$25 for 20k invocations, $100 for 100k invocations and unlimited membersProfessional plan: $73.50 for 2k tasks, $1149 for 20k tasks, Team plan: $100 for 100k invocations and unlimited members