Attachment Support

With the help of this feature, users can create a column for attachments in their record, then attach files directly to their table entries, offering a convenient way to store and manage related files and data in one place.


Key aspects of the attachment support feature include:

File Integration: Users can easily attach files such as documents, images, PDFs and more to specific rows within their tables. This integration eliminates the need to store files separately or rely on external storage solutions, streamlining the data management process.


Enhanced Data Context: By attaching files to table entries, users can provide additional context and relevant information to their data. For example, a project management table can now include attached files such as project briefs, design mockups or client presentations directly alongside project details, facilitating better organization and understanding of the data.

Improved Collaboration: Attachment support enhances collaboration by allowing team members to access and reference associated files within the context of their workflows. Team members can easily view, download or update attached files as needed, promoting seamless collaboration and communication.

Automation Integration: By integrating easily with viaSocket's automation features, attachments allow users to set off events in response to the addition or deletion of attached files. For example, users can set up automated workflows to notify team members when new files are attached.

How to Use Attachments Support:

Overall, the attachment support for viaSocket's Tables feature enhances its functionality and provides users with a comprehensive solution for managing both structured data and associated files within a single platform. Whether you're organizing project assets, tracking customer documents, or managing product catalogs, attachment support in Tables offers a seamless and efficient way to centralize your data and streamline your workflows.