Case Study: Nutrabay

About Nutrabay

Nutrabay stands as India’s premier online destination for authentic supplements, specializing in whey protein, health, nutrition, and bodybuilding. Renowned as the country’s top and fastest-growing nutrition store, Nutrabay offers a diverse range of products tailored for health, wellness, fitness, and bodybuilding needs, ensuring convenient accessibility across the nation.

Nutrabay lists and fulfills all popular and top brands in India. With a commitment to authenticity, Nutrabay ensures that all products are delivered directly from the source, eliminating middlemen and third-party sellers. Run by a passionate team dedicated to advancing India’s fitness journey, Nutrabay strives to offer quality products in support of this mission.


As Nutrabay continued to grow its customer base and expand its product offerings, managing daily workflows efficiently became increasingly challenging. Key challenges included:

1. Limited Order Visibility

2. Payment Processing Complexity

Applications used by Nutrabay

Solutions provided by viaSocket

Nutrabay partnered with viaSocket to streamline its daily workflows and enhance the customer buying experience. The solutions provided addressed Nutrabay's challenges effectively:

1. Real-Time Order Status Updates

Nutrabay integrated ViaSocket with its WordPress website and customer database, allowing customers to check their order status online in real-time.

This integration enables customers to track their orders directly through their Nutrabay accounts, reducing the need for manual intervention and support inquiries.

Real-time order status updates allow customers to track their orders conveniently, leading to higher satisfaction and reduced support inquiries.

2. Payment Processing Automation

ViaSocket automated the payment processing workflows by capturing payment IDs generated by online payment gateways such as Razorpay and Paytm.

These payment IDs are seamlessly transmitted to Nutrabay's customer database, ensuring accurate and timely updates on payment statuses (Captured, Initiated, No Invoice).

Automated payment processing has simplified reconciliation processes and improved payment visibility for Nutrabay.

Nutrabay's partnership with ViaSocket has enabled the company to automate its daily workflows effectively, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and a superior customer buying experience in the competitive health and wellness industry.