Data Collaboration

viaSocket Tables provides seamless collaboration among team members by providing a shared workspace where everyone can work together on the same organization, tables, and views. This means that multiple users can access and edit the data concurrently, ensuring that everyone is always on the same page.


Shared Organization

Within viaSocket Tables, you can add multiple members to the same organization. Within the shared organization, team members can access all relevant tables and views, facilitating transparency and accessibility.


Collaborative Editing

With collaborative editing capabilities, team members can make changes to tables and views in real-time. Whether it's updating project statuses, adding new entries to a customer database, or refining filters in a view, everyone can contribute simultaneously without worrying about conflicting changes.

Version History

To track changes and maintain data integrity, viaSocket Tables keeps a version history of all edits made to the tables and views. This means that users can review past revisions, revert to previous states if needed, and track who made specific changes, providing accountability and transparency.

Real-Time Updates

Whenever changes are made by any team member, the updates are reflected in real-time for everyone else. This ensures that all collaborators have access to the most current and accurate data, facilitating smoother communication and decision-making processes.

Granular Permissions

To maintain control over data access and editing rights, viaSocket Tables offers granular permission settings. Organization admins can define who can view, edit, or delete tables and views, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure while still allowing for effective collaboration.

Import and Export CSV Files

With the ability to import and export CSV files, collaboration becomes smoother. You can easily combine data from different sources and share your findings with colleagues or partners who aren't using viaSocket Tables.

By importing CSV files directly into viaSocket Tables, users can streamline the process of incorporating data from external sources, such as spreadsheets or databases.

Conversely, users can export tables from viaSocket Tables into CSV format, making it simple to share data with colleagues or external stakeholders who may not have access to the platform. When you export a CSV file, a link to download the CSV file is sent to your registered email address.

With viaSocket Tables' data collaboration feature, you can all work within the same organization, accessing and updating project-related tables and views together. Whether it's tracking tasks, monitoring deadlines, or analyzing progress, everyone can contribute in real-time, leading to greater efficiency and teamwork.