Version History

viaSocket Tables automatically keeps track of every edit made to the tables and views. This includes additions, modifications, and deletions of data entries.


Maintaining Data Integrity  

By maintaining a version history, viaSock[et ensures that data integrity is preserved. Users can always access previous versions of their tables and views, even after multiple edits or changes.

Reviewing Past Revisions

Users have the ability to review past revisions of their tables and views. This means they can see exactly what changes were made, when they were made and by whom.

Reverting to Previous States

If needed, users can revert to previous states of their tables and views. This is particularly useful if a mistake was made or if changes need to be undone.

Accountability and Transparency  

Version history provides accountability and transparency within viaSocket Tables. Users can track who made specific changes, which promotes responsibility and ensures that everyone is aware of modifications made to the data.

For Example, let's say you're collaborating on a project with your team using viaSocket Tables. You notice that some important data is missing from a table. With version history, you can go back in time to a previous version of the table and retrieve the missing information. Additionally, you can see who made the edits and discuss any necessary changes with your team.

With version history, viaSocket Tables offers users a reliable way to track changes, maintain data integrity, and promote accountability and transparency within their collaborative workspace.