Organisation and Member

What is an ‘organization’ in viaSocket?

An organization in viaSocket is a virtual entity similar to a company, school, or any group that you want to manage. It acts as a container for your workflows, allowing you to group related tasks and users together.

How do I create a new organization?

Creating a new organization in viaSocket is simple. Just click on the "create new org" button on the dashboard, and type the desired name for your Organisation and then click on Create new workspace. And in this way, your organization is created

Can I have multiple organizations in viaSocket?

In Viasocket, users have the flexibility to create multiple organizations, and there is no specified limit on the number of organizations that can be established. This allows you to manage different groups or projects separately, keeping their workflows and members organized and distinct.

Can I switch between different organizations in viaSocket?

Yes, you can switch between different organizations in viaSocket. This allows you to work on different projects or groups without any confusion, as each organization is kept separate from the others.


What are ‘members’ in viaSocket?

Members in viaSocket are the one who are allowed to access the projects of a particular organization. Adding members to your organization in viaSocket enables you to collaborate more effectively with your team.

How to invite ‘members’?

To add a member to your organization in viaSocket, you need to navigate to your organization's section on the platform. Here, you'll find an option of ‘Members’ . You can find the list of all members who are currently accessing the Organization andd can also invite new members by simply entering their email ID.. This feature allows you to invite colleagues or team members to join your organization on viaSocket, facilitating collaboration and team management within the tool.