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For personal projects and small-scale automation needs. Basic integrations to get you started.

For freelancers and entrepreneurs. Advanced integrations to streamline your workflow.

Perfect for small to medium-sized teams. Unlimited integrations and Team collaboration.

Invocations: 10,000/month 

Invocations: 10,000/month


Execution Time Limit: 

30 seconds 

Execution Time Limit: 

60 Seconds


Additional Invocations Cost: $0.004 per additional invocation

1 Month Free Trial on all Plans

In viaSocket, invocations are counted based on the number of actions performed by your workflows after they are triggered. 

When a workflow is triggered by an event, such as receiving a new email or a new form submission, this initial trigger event does not count as invocation. It simply starts the workflow.

After a workflow is triggered, it performs one or more actions based on your workflow design. Each action performed by the workflow counts as an invocation.

📌 For example, When a new lead completes a contact form on your website, viaSocket swiftly adds their details to your CRM system and simultaneously sends a notification to your team's Slack channel. This process consumes two invocations within viaSocket's workflow automation.

It's essential to monitor your task usage to ensure you're staying within your plan's limits and to optimize your workflows for efficiency to avoid unnecessary task consumption.



Q. How are invocations counted in viaSocket?

Invocations in viaSocket refer to the execution of individual actions within automation workflows. Each time an action step is triggered and performed, it counts as one invocation. Triggers, which initiate the workflow, are not counted as invocations.

Q. Can I customize my plan to fit my specific needs?

viaSocket offers flexible pricing options and additional features that can be tailored to your requirements. Reach out to our support team to discuss custom plans or specific feature requests.

Q. How can I track my invocation usage and monitor my plan limits?

viaSocket provides access to dashboard and monitoring tools where users can track invocation usage, view plan limits, and monitor overall account activity. These tools help users stay informed about their plan usage and make informed decisions.

Q. Can I switch between plans or cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, viaSocket offers flexibility for users to switch between plans or cancel their subscription at any time. Users can easily manage their subscription preferences through the viaSocket dashboard or by contacting support.

Q. Is there a trial period available for viaSocket plans?

viaSocket offers a free Hobby Plan with no expiration date, allowing users to explore the platform and its features at their own pace. Additionally, users can upgrade to paid plans with extended features and usage limits as needed.

Q. How are Invocations Counted in Interface and Table?

Each submission received through the Interface on your flow or table counts as one invocation. Similarly, every API hit on the Table is counted as one invocation.

Q. Is the Plan All-Inclusive?

80% Discount for Developing Countries.

In line with our commitment to inclusivity and global reach, we are proud to offer an 80% discount on all our plans to users from developing countries. This substantial discount is part of our effort to support and encourage the growth of businesses and individuals in these regions. We recognize the challenges faced by customers in developing countries, and we hope that this initiative will help bridge the digital divide, enabling more people to leverage the power of our workflow automation tools.