Variable is a tool that allows users to define and store values that can be used throughout their workflow. These values can be accessed and manipulated as needed, making it easier to perform tasks and automate processes.

Here you can also run one- line codes to customise your workflow according to your nee

With the help of Variables in viasocket one can get this benefits 
1.Users can easily create variables using standard JavaScript syntax within viaSocket, allowing them to store different types of data like numbers, strings, arrays, and objects. 

2. These variables help users customize their workflows by manipulating data, making decisions based on conditions, and dynamically populating content from various sources. 

3. Users can reuse values across multiple steps, reducing redundancy and improving workflow efficiency. 

 Overall, variables in viaSocket offer users enhanced flexibility and control over their workflows, empowering them to create dynamic automation solutions tailored to their specific needs.