API Configuration

This API is responsible for executing the primary action defined in a plugin. When users configure an action, the Final Perform API handles the actual process of sending or receiving data to the target application or service and performing the desired operation, such as creating, updating,getting or deleting records.

For example if creating a action “new entry” in Google Sheets plugin, the Final Perform API will:

  1. Collect data from the input form. The input fields which are created from JSON or GUI we have to collect the data and send it in the api where needed using ${context.inputData.fielfName}.

For example: If Json Have fields username,email,phone to access them in final perform API use field key.

🔴Note : If fields are inside an input group, include the input group key name before the field key. ex:context.inputData.IGName.fieldName.

  1. In google API docs a API is defined to create a new record in the sheet, make javascript code for that API call and Send above collected data to the Google Sheets API. For include authentication use: ${context.authData.access_token/fieldName}

Include input fields use : ${context.inputData.fieldName}

const testApiUrl = `https://api.webflow.com/v2/sites/${context.inputData.site}/collections`

const body = {

  "displayName": `${context.inputData.username}`,



 const response = await axios.post(testApiUrl,body, {

    headers: {

      "authorization": `Bearer ${context.authData.accesstokencode.access_token}`



return response.data;

  1. Save the API code. For Testing the Api you can run code by clicking the “Test” button. Viasocket also provide option to optimize your code you can optimize your code by clicking “optimize” button