Attachments in viaSocket provide the capability to fetch various types of files, documents or media from any integrated application within your workflow. viaSocket allows you to integrate external applications seamlessly into your workflow. These applications could include cloud storage services, content management systems, or any other platform where files are stored.


Fetching Attachments

Once you've integrated an application into your workflow, viaSocket enables you to fetch attachments from that application. This means you can retrieve files such as files, documents or media directly from the integrated platform.

File Size 

It's essential to keep in mind that viaSocket has a file size limit of up to 10MB for fetching attachments. This means that any file you fetch using viaSocket should not exceed this size limit.

Handling Attachments in Further Steps

Once you've fetched an attachment, it will show up as an attachment object in your variables, which you can now use in further steps of your workflow. This could involve processing the file, sending it as an email attachment, or performing any other action based on the content of the fetched file.

By being able to fetch files from external applications, viaSocket enhances the automation capabilities of your workflows. You can automate tasks that involve working with files without manual intervention, streamlining your processes and saving time.