A dictionary, also known as a hash map or associative array, is a data structure that stores key-value pairs. Each key is unique and maps to a specific value. In viaSocket, a dictionary is a field type that allows users to add custom key-value pairs, providing flexibility for various use cases. 

📌For example this is particularly useful for actions like creating entries in a CRM, where users might need to add custom fields based on their specific requirements. Dictionary looks like :

🔴Note : Dictionary does not support dynamic API calls for children. Field types supported in the dictionary are string,number,boolean,and dropdown.



    "key": "enter_key_here",

    "type": "dictionary",

    "label": "label here",

    "help": "help text here",

    "template": {

      "key": {

        "type": "string",

        "label": "key",

        "required": true,

        "placeholder": "Enter key"


      "value": {

        "type": "string",

        "label": "value",

        "placeholder": "Enter value"