Email to Flow

Are you manually processing incoming emails, facing errors, delays, and missing out opportunities? If so, viaSocket's Email to Flow feature provides the solution you need.

Without Email to Flow, vital leads or customer inquiries may slip through the cracks, resulting in lost sales or unhappy customers. Additionally, the lack of automated triggers based on incoming emails can lead to slow response times.


viaSocket's Email to Flow feature offers a solution to these challenges by automating the handling of incoming emails. You can set up rules to automatically forward relevant emails to viaSocket, triggering predefined workflows. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures timely responses to critical emails, improving efficiency and customer service. Let's discuss it.

  1. What is Email to Flow?
  2. Set up Automatic Email Forwarding in Gmail 

What is Email to Flow?

Email to Flow is a unique tool offered by viaSocket which provides you with a unique email address that can be used to trigger workflows. You can send emails to this mail address and use the data from them to perform certain actions to automate processes. You can set up email forwarding from your mailing platform to this email address and eliminate the manual processing of incoming emails.

You can set up different workflows to handle each category of incoming emails in custom ways, as there are no limits to such email addresses. You get a unique email address for each new flow. 

Set up Automatic Email Forwarding in Gmail

To forward emails from your Gmail account:

1) Open Gmail on your computer.

2) Go to Settings> See all Settings

3) Click on Add a Forwarding Address.

4) Add the unique email address from Email to Flow


5) Click Next >Proceed >OK.

6) Now Gmail sends a verification link to the above email address which you can find in Logs in “textbody”


7) Copy the link and paste it in your browser, click on Confirm in the new window.


8) Refresh your Gmail settings page, you will see something like this:


9) Select option Forward a copy of incoming mail to, this will set up your Gmail to forward all your mails to viaSocket’s Email to Flow.

10) Now to forward only selected emails, you will have to create a filter in your Gmail.

11) Click on creating a filter, you can set up your filter from here to send specific types of emails only to the flow, for example you can specify certain keywords in Include the words to forward only those emails that have your specified keywords in the body of the mails.


12) Once you have specified your conditions, click on Search, Gmail will first show you the emails matching with your specified conditions. 

13) Then click on Advanced Search to open the above dialog box again, click on Create filter


14) Now select Forward it to: and select the email address from viaSocket’s Email to Flow.

Congrats your email forwarding is successfully set up to trigger your workflow. You can now return to viaSocket to set up the required workflow.