Error Handling

Error handling in viaSocket involves the detection and management of errors that occur during the execution of workflow steps.


Detection of Errors

viaSocket detects errors that occur during the execution of a workflow step. These errors could be due to various reasons such as invalid input data, network issues, or API failures.

📌 For example, if a workflow encounters an error while attempting to retrieve data from an external API, viaSocket will detect the error and initiate the error handling process.

Skipping of Dependent Steps

Upon detecting an error in a step, viaSocket skips that particular step and any subsequent steps that depend on the data generated or processed by the erroneous step. This prevents the propagation of errors to downstream steps and ensures that the workflow continues to execute without being blocked by the error.

Execution of Independent Steps

viaSocket continues to execute other steps in the workflow that are not dependent on the data from the erroneous step. This allows the workflow to progress and perform other tasks that can be executed successfully despite the error.

By handling errors in this manner, viaSocket ensures that workflows can gracefully recover from errors and continue to execute efficiently.