The "Function" in viaSocket is a powerful tool designed to enhance customization within your workflows. It allows users to create custom JavaScript functions that can be seamlessly integrated between any steps of their workflows. This feature empowers users to tailor their automation processes precisely to their needs, adding flexibility and efficiency to their workflows.


Key Benefits:

How it Works:

Step by step Guide on how to use custom JS Function in viaSocket

Creating Custom Functions:

Users can create custom JavaScript functions directly and seamlessly integrate it into any step of the workflow.

They can define the function name, input parameters, and the JavaScript code block to be executed.


Execution and Output:

When the workflow runs, the custom function is executed with the provided input parameters.

The function performs its defined logic and returns the output, which can be utilized by subsequent steps in the workflow.


Use Cases:

The "Function" in viaSocket empowers users to unlock a new level of customization and automation within their workflows. By creating custom JavaScript functions, users can tailor their automation processes to suit their unique requirements, enhance flexibility, and streamline operations effectively.