Getting Started - Zoho Bigin

Follow these steps to connect your Zoho Bigin and automate your tasks effortlessly.

Step 1: Select Zoho Bigin from viaSocket’s Library of Apps

Find Zoho Bigin: Use the search bar to locate Zoho Bigin from the list of available apps.


Select Zoho Bigin: Click on Zoho Bigin to begin the integration process.


Step 2: Authenticate

Authentication Prompt: After selecting Zoho Bigin, viaSocket will prompt you to authenticate your Zoho Bigin account.


Grant Permissions: You will be asked to grant viaSocket permission to access your Zoho Bigin data. Click 'Accept' to proceed.


Log In to Zoho Bigin: If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to log into your Zoho Bigin account.


Map Data Fields, Test and Save