Case study: GRS Park

About GRS water park 
GRS Fantasy Park is one of Mysore city’s favorite tourist destinations. It is an amusement and water park for the entire family. It is spread across a sprawling 35 acres of lush greenery on the Mysore-Bangalore highway. Mysore’s only Amusement and Water Park Average Footfall per day is 2000–3000 and 3000–4000 at Peak time.


  1. Managing High Volume of Inbound Calls
    • Handling a substantial influx of inbound calls, averaging 400 calls per day, presents a significant challenge. 
    • Task becomes especially daunting when considering the manual effort required to process each call and construct a comprehensive customer database from the vast amount of incoming data.
  2. Bottleneck in Customer Cost Estimation (Commercial)
    • The bottleneck observed at the payment and query counter results in excessive time and effort investment, leading to negative feedback from customers. 
    • This bottleneck is evident in the long queues at the customer check-in, causing frustration and dissatisfaction among patrons.
  3. Live Feedback Collection
    • The post-sales experience poses a significant challenge, particularly in scenarios where daily customer check-ins exceed 1000.
    • Gathering live feedback becomes particularly arduous in such high-volume situations, hindering the ability to promptly address customer concerns and improve overall satisfaction levels.
  4. Management Complexity in Paytm QR Code Payments
    • The existence of 18 counters across various locations and 13 billing machines (QR codes) for Paytm transactions introduces a management challenge. 
    • Monitoring and keeping track of all transactions and payments received become arduous tasks for the management due to the decentralized nature of these operations.

Solution provided by viaSocket:

  1. Excellent Customer Interaction Management with Google sheet integration
    • When customers call GRS with questions, their information is sent to Google Sheets after the call.
    • They also receive a feedback text and can start a direct chat on WhatsApp for further help, all managed easily with viaSocket EBL.
  2. Simplifies Group Check-in and Billing
    • When a group checks into the waterpark at GRS, the staff enters their details and counts into a ZOHO form.
    • viaSocket then sends the estimated bill amount to the customers via SMS or WhatsApp, as well as to the ticket counter.
    • Customers can then head directly to the counter and pay the estimated amount hassle-free.
  3. Improved management with real time feedbacks  
    • Once customers are onboarded, they'll get a feedback form on their mobile phones through the MSG91. After they submit their feedback, the data is stored in Google Sheets as a database.
    • Depending on whether the feedback is good or bad, staff will promptly approach the customer to address any issues in real-time. 
  4. Centralized Management of Payment Transactions with viaSocket
    • When customers purchase a product and make payments via Paytm QR code at various locations or stores, all these transactions are seamlessly integrated using viaSocket. 
    • viaSocket then transfers all the Paytm payment transaction data to a single Google sheet, where details are segregated based on the store.