In viaSocket, handling workflows is really easy. You can keep an eye on how your workflow is doing by looking at its history. You'll see the history option on the left side of the flow. Clicking on a specific time shows you what happened at that time. Each step in the flow will display the data from that moment.


This helps you see if it's working well, if the data is right, and if anything gets lost, you can find it in the history.

Here's why keeping track of your workflow's history is super handy

1. Checking if it Works: You can see if your workflow is doing its job by looking at when it runs. 

2. Getting the Right Stuff: You can make sure the data going in and out is correct.

3. Finding Problems: If something's wrong, you can spot it fast. 

4. Saving Lost Data: If data gets lost, you can go back to an earlier run to get it back.

📌 For example, if one day leads don't show up in your CRM, you can check the history to see what went wrong. Then, you can go back to the previous day's records to get those leads back. Easy fix!