How to create Plugins in viaSocket?

viaSocket's plugin builder offers a seamless way for users to create custom plugs, allowing different applications to communicate with each other using APIs. This tool makes it easy for users to integrate apps into their workflows without needing to write code. 

To access the Plugin Builder in viaSocket:

  1. Navigate to the Developer Hub section.

  2. Click on the Plugin Builder option.

  3. Once inside the Plugin Builder, select "+Create New Plug" to begin creating your custom plug.

Here’s an overview of the process, broken down into three main steps:

  1. Visibility Configuration
  2. Authentication
  3. Triggers and Actions

1. Visibility Configuration

In this step, users define how the plug will be seen. Visibility can be configured in two main ways:

📌For Example: A marketing team creates a private plug that integrates their email marketing software with their CRM, ensuring only team members can use it. Alternatively, they might create a public plug for integrating social media platforms, allowing other viaSocket users to benefit from it.

2. Authentication

This step involves defining how users will authenticate themselves when using the plug. Authentication ensures that only authorized users can access and execute the actions defined by the plug. viaSocket supports three types of authentication:

📌For Example: If the plug connects to a third-party email service, users might authenticate using OAuth, which securely grants viaSocket permission to access their email account without sharing passwords.

3. Triggers and  Actions

In this final step, users define the triggers and action event types for the plug. This involves specifying what actions the plug will perform and under what conditions.

📌For Example: A user might create a plug that triggers when a new lead is added to their CRM. The action could be to automatically send a welcome email and schedule a follow-up call in their calendar.

AI Assistance at every step

viaSocket’s AI is designed to make the plug creation process as simple and efficient as possible. At each step, the AI provides valuable support, such as automatically fetching the icon of an app when you provide its domain and recommending most useful triggers and actions based on your needs.


viaSocket's plugin builder makes it easy to create custom integrations between different applications, facilitating automation and improving workflow efficiency. By following the steps of visibility configuration, authentication, and defining actions and triggers, users can create powerful plugs that streamline their tasks without needing to write a single line of code.


For further assistance, visit the viaSocket support page or contact our support team at