Scheduled Tasks

viaSocket incorporates a scheduling feature called Cron, allowing users to automate their workflows at specific times, dates, or days. Suppose you want to run your workflow after every particular interval of time so you can use Cron there. For instance, users can set up a Cron to execute a workflow every day at 10 am from Monday to Friday.


Steps to create a Cron.

For instance, we will create a workflow that will send an automated message on Slack at user specific time. 

Step by step guide on how to create Scheduled workflows.

1) Create a new workflow and opt for the Cron option.


2) Enter a simple English phrase that specifies both when and how often you want the trigger to occur.

For example, every Monday at 10 AM.


3) This scheduling functionality streamlines the process of automating tasks according to specified timeframes and by doing so, every Monday at 10 AM, a message will be sent to the slack channel specified by user. 

4) You can specify cron like every minute, every 2 hours, every week etc. So, your workflow automatically executes after that time. For making cron active you have to click "Make Live" your flow. 

Cron can run your flow automatically after a given time. If you are applying a cron then you don't have to use a webhook to hit your flow.

📌 Examples of cron scheduling: 

Every Day at Noon: Every day at 12:00 PM

Every Monday Morning: Every Monday at 9:00 AM

Every Hour: Every 30 Minutes

Every Midnight on Fridays: Every Friday at 12:00 AM

These examples showcase simple Cron expressions for scheduling tasks at different intervals, days, and times. You can adjust the expressions based on your specific scheduling needs within viaSocket.