Test Your App Integration on viaSocket

We are excited to invite you to integrate and test your app on viaSocket, a powerful workflow automation tool. 

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on viaSocket.
  2. Promo Code: Use the promo code provided by us to access premium features.
  3. Test Your Integration:

For instance, if your app is an email marketing tool, you might test triggers like “New Subscriber” and actions like “Send Welcome Email.”

Detailed Testing Checklist

Testing Triggers

Testing Actions

Providing Feedback and Customization

After you’ve tested your integration, you might have suggestions for improvements or additional Triggers and Actions you want to implement.

Please reach out to us at plugs@viasocket.com with your feedback and requests.

Featuring Your App

We’re committed to showcasing our integrations prominently. Once your integration is verified, we will feature your app on our website at viaSocket Integrations. 

We will also create a dedicated page for your app at viaSocket/integrations/[your_app].

For example, https://viasocket.com/integrations/emailoctopus.

Highlighting Popular Use Cases

We know that showcasing real-world applications of your integration is vital. On your app's dedicated page, we will feature popular use cases. We invite you to share with us the combinations and use cases you want highlighted. You can email these details to us, and we will ensure they are prominently displayed.

Promotion and Collaboration

Our promotional efforts extend beyond our website. We actively post about new integrations and popular use cases on social media and include them in our email newsletters. If you have specific use cases you want us to promote, let us know, and we will include them in our communications. Additionally, we can provide you with images and content to share with your own audience.

Final Steps

Once you have completed the testing and verification, we will publish your app on our tool and website.

Thank you for partnering with us. We look forward to seeing the innovative ways in which your app can integrate with viaSocket.

For any queries, feel free to contact us at plugs@viasocket.com.

Let's make automation smarter together! 🚀