Triggers and Actions

In simple terms, a trigger in workflow automation is like the starting point or the "event" that initiates a series of automated actions. It's the condition or event that prompts a workflow to begin executing predefined tasks or processes.

For example, imagine you have a workflow for processing customer orders. The trigger could be a new order being placed in your system. Once that trigger event occurs (a new order), the workflow automation system starts its sequence of actions, such as sending order confirmation emails, updating inventory, and notifying the shipping department. The trigger essentially kicks off the automated workflow.


What types of triggers are available in Viasocket?

Viasocket supports two types of triggers

Instant Triggers 

With Instant Triggers, such as webhooks, the flow is executed immediately upon receiving data.

Scheduled Triggers  

Viasocket offers Scheduled Triggers, allowing users to schedule flows to run at specific times using cron.