Views with AI

Views in viaSocket Tables are like different perspectives of your data. Instead of looking at the entire dataset all at once, you can create specific views that focus on particular subsets or aspects of your data.


📌 For example, you might have a view that shows only overdue tasks, or one that displays high-priority items.

AI-Powered Query Generation 

What makes Views in viaSocket’s Tables unique is the integration of AI for query generation. Instead of manually writing complex queries to filter your data, you can simply describe the criteria you're interested in, and the AI will generate the query for you. This makes creating custom views much quicker and easier, especially for users who may not be familiar with SQL or other query languages.

You can create views with AI, by providing a prompt that describes the specific filter or condition you want to apply to your data.


📌 For example, you might say, "Show me all tasks assigned to John Doe with a priority level of high." Based on this prompt, the AI generates the corresponding query to filter the data accordingly.

Once the AI generates the query, you have the option to review it before saving. If the query looks good, you can simply click "Save" to create the view with that filter. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual query writing and ensures that your views are accurately configured.

Limitless Views

There's no limit to the number of views you can create in viaSocket Tables. Whether you need a dozen different views for different project statuses, customer segments, or inventory categories, you can create as many as you need to effectively manage your data.

Share Views

You can share your views with anyone with shareable links and you can also export CSV files for each of your views. When you export a CSV file, a link to download the CSV file is sent to your registered email address.

📌 Example Scenario:  

Let's say you're managing a sales pipeline. You could use the AI-powered query generation to create views for leads in specific geographic regions, opportunities with a high probability of closing, or deals that have been stalled for too long. Instead of spending time crafting each query manually, you can simply describe the criteria you're interested in and let the AI do the heavy lifting.

Views with AI in viaSocket Tables empowers users to create customized perspectives of their data with ease, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to streamline the query generation process.