Visibility Configuration

The Visibility Configuration step in viaSocket's Plugin Builder is where users define where and how their plug will be seen. This process has been streamlined with the help of viaSocket’s AI, ensuring ease of use and efficiency.

To begin configuring the visibility of your plug, follow these steps:

Specify App Name and Domain

After clicking on "+Create New Plug," you'll be prompted to specify the app name and domain in the correct format. Our AI will then automatically fill in the required details on the next page. You can still modify these details according to your needs.

🔴NOTE : It is necessary to give the domain of the app to show the app in the listed apps

Required Details

Here are the details you need to provide and adjust as necessary:

1. App Name : Enter the name of the service you wish to create a plugin for. 

📌For example, type "MailChimp" if you are creating a plug for MailChimp.

2. App Description : Provide a detailed description of the service, including what it does and where it can be used. 

📌For example, "MailChimp is a leading email marketing service that allows businesses to create, send, and analyze email campaigns. It offers a range of tools for designing emails, managing subscriber lists, and tracking campaign performance.”

3. Domain : Enter the domain of the app, which is the website or URL of the application. 

📌For example, ""

4. Audience : Indicate whether the plugin is public or private. 

5. Category : Select the category of your plugin to indicate its type. viaSocket provides a list of categories for various kinds of applications.

6. Icon URL: This is for the icon of your plugin. viaSocket will automatically set the icon URL if you have entered the correct domain in the previous step.

7. Tags/Keywords: Add relevant tags or keywords to make your plugin easily searchable.

8. App’s Primary Color: Specify the primary color of the app for better visual integration.

9. Requires Fixed IP Checkbox: Check this box if your application requires a dedicated IP for making API calls. If selected, you will be provided with the necessary IP details for whitelisting purposes.

The Visibility Configuration step is crucial for defining how your plug will be seen and accessed. By providing detailed information about your app and its visibility settings, you ensure that your plug is set up correctly and meets your specific requirements. viaSocket’s AI streamlines this process, making it easy to configure and customize your plug.

In the next sections, we will delve deeper into the other steps of creating a plug, including Authentication and Actions & Triggers, to help you maximize the potential of your custom integrations.


For further assistance, visit the viaSocket support page or contact our support team at