viaSocket's Workspaces feature allows users to create dedicated spaces for their projects, enabling efficient organization and collaboration among team members


Create Dedicated Spaces

With viaSocket's Workspaces, users can create dedicated environments for their projects, initiatives, or teams. Each Workspace serves as a centralized hub where users can organize and manage all related automation workflowsinterfacestables, and resources in one place.

Include Members

One of the key features of viaSocket's Workspaces is the ability to include members in each Workspace. Users can invite team members, collaborators, or stakeholders to join Workspaces, facilitating seamless communication, collaboration, and teamwork within viaSocket.

Granular Access Control

Workspaces in viaSocket come with granular access control capabilities, empowering Workspace owners to define roles and permissions for each member to participate in Workspace activities while maintaining data security and integrity.

Streamlined Project Management

By centralizing project-related activities within dedicated Workspaces, users can streamline project management processes and enhance collaboration among team members. Users can easily track progress, share updates, and coordinate tasks within Workspaces, ensuring everyone stays aligned and informed.