Dynamic Help Text

Dynamic help text is a contextual help popup shown to users based on specific conditions handled in the source code. When these conditions occur, the help text provides guidance to help users understand the plugin's behavior. In short dynamic help text provides real-time feedback based on user interactions. 

ūüďĆFor example, if you're creating an action for Google Sheets to create a new entry, you can use dynamic help text to alert the user if the selected sheet has no columns, making it easy for the user to understand and debug the issue.

const apiUrl = `https://sheets.googleapis.com/v4/spreadsheets/${context.inputData.spreadSheet_id}/values:batchGet?ranges=${context.inputData.sheet_id}!1:1000&valueRenderOption=UNFORMATTED_VALUE` 

 const headers = { Authorization: `Bearer ${context.authData.accesstokencode.access_token}` };

  const response = await axios.get(apiUrl, { headers: headers })

     let arrToReturn=[]



             const obj = { key: entry, label: entry, type: 'string', required: false, help: ' ' }



//when no columns found


         arrToReturn = {

         children: [],

         message: "Didn't see any headers in the provided spreadsheet!\n\n Did you  
 add headers to the spreadsheet? If so, just refresh this step to pull in the new data.\n\n
[Click here for instructions on setting up your spreadsheet.](https://viasocket.com/faq)"



return arrToReturn