Multi-User Collaboration

Collaboration is key to success in any organization, and viaSocket makes it easier than ever with its Multi-User Collaboration that allows users to access and edit automation workflows, interfaces, tables, and more collaboratively with team members, fostering teamwork and efficiency.


Shared Workspaces

With viaSocket's Multi-User Collaboration, users can collaborate within shared workspaces dedicated to specific projects or teams. These workspaces serve as central hubs where team members can access, edit, and manage automation workflows, interfaces, tables, and other resources collectively.

Access Control

viaSocket offers granular access control, allowing workspace owners to define roles and permissions for each team member. You can set up the appropriate level of access to perform your tasks without compromising security or data integrity.

Real-Time Collaboration

With viaSocket's real-time collaboration features, team members can work together on automation workflows, interfaces, and tables simultaneously. Changes are synced instantly, ensuring everyone is always on the same page.

With viaSocket's Multi-User Collaboration feature, teamwork has never been easier. Whether you're working on automation workflows, interfaces, tables, or any other aspect of your projects, viaSocket empowers you to collaborate seamlessly with your team members.