What are projects in viaSocket?


Projects in viaSocket are specific tasks or initiatives that are created within a workspace. The advantage of making a project is that you can manage multiple projects for multiple tasks related to the same workspace. Within a project, you can manage flows and interfaces.


How do I create a new project in viaSocket?

To create a new project in viaSocket, navigate to your workspace's dashboard and locate the option to create a new project. Click on this option, and you will be prompted to enter the project name.


Can I delete/rename a project in viaSocket?

Yes, you can delete/rename a project in viaSocket. To do this, navigate to the project you want to delete/rename and click on the triple dot beside the project name. From here, you can choose ‘move to trash’ to delete the project or choose ‘rename’ to change the project name to your desired new name.


What is the advantage of creating projects in viaSocket?

Creating projects in viaSocket offers several advantages. It allows you to manage multiple tasks or initiatives within the same workspace efficiently. Within a project, you can create or delete flows and interfaces.