Artificial Intelligence

viaSocket goes beyond basic automation by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) features to assist users throughout each stage of their workflow.

Smart Recommendations

viaSocket's AI provides smart recommendations for optimizing automation workflows. Whether it's suggesting new integrations, proposing workflow improvements, or identifying potential bottlenecks, viaSocket's AI helps users make informed decisions to streamline their processes.


Workflow Creation

viaSocket's AI can assist users in creating workflows and suggest optimal configurations based on user input and past performance. This streamlines the workflow creation process, enabling users to build efficient automation processes with ease.


Custom Scripting with JavaScript

viaSocket's AI can generate custom JavaScript (JS) code snippets to include in workflows, allowing users to add custom logic, manipulate data, or interact with external systems. This capability empowers users to tailor their workflows to their specific needs and unlock advanced automation possibilities.


Table Views Creation

viaSocket's AI can help users create views in tables by helping you write custom queries and filters. viaSocket’s AI creates ready to use database queries from simple English prompts. This feature enables users to organize and analyze data more effectively, gaining valuable insights into their processes and performance 


API Creation

viaSocket's AI can assist users in creating APIs to expose data or functionality from their automation workflows, interfaces, or tables. This capability enables seamless integration with external systems or custom applications, enhancing interoperability and extending viaSocket's functionality.


viaSocket's AI features bring a new dimension of intelligence and efficiency to automation workflows, empowering users to optimize their processes, make informed decisions, and drive success.